C.N.Rys. Port Perry Subdivision

The Port Perry Subdivision has as its origin the Port Whitby & Port Perry Railway (Pt.W. & Pt.P.Ry.), which opened from Whitby to Port Perry in July 1871 and as the Whitby, Port Perry & Lindsay Railway (W.Pt.P & L.Ry.) to Lindsay in August 1877.

Canadian National Railways (C.N.Rys.) abandoned the Port Perry to Manilla Junction by April 26, 1936 and the remainder of the Port Perry Subdivision by June 28, 1942.

No regular trains on this Subdivision.

Rule 27 (Paragraph 7) applicable.

Rule 42 applicable.

Railway crossings, junctions and drawbridges
0.00 Whitby—Junction Oshawa Subdivision.
2.43 C.P.R. Crossing—Semi-Automatic Interlocked. Automatic signals (color type) govern. Telephones located at each home signal for trainmen to communicate with C.P.R. operator at Whitby Town if signals inoperative. If home signal on C.N.R. has been cleared and a train passes home signal and then backs up before passing through plant and wishes to have home signal cleared again, it will be necessary for train crew to open box located on relay cases and push strap key to clear signal.

Yard limits

From Junction Switch with Oshawa Subdivision to end of tracks Port Perry.

Speed restrictions
Miles per hour
Whitby to Brooklin All trains 30
Brooklin to Port Perry All trains 15
Permanent slow orders
Mileage Miles per hour
1.97 Whitby Town Dundas Street 10
7.21 to 7.46 Brooklin Along thoroughfare 10
Engine and car restrictions
Heaviest engine permitted to operate between Whitby and Brooklin 3500 Class
Brooklin and Port Perry 661-864 Class
Heaviest car permitted to operate between Brooklin and Port Perry 169,000 lbs.

Freight service

Freight service will be given by the Port Hope—Don way freights as required.

Date Event
1868-03-04 Pt.W. & Pt.P.Ry. Co. incorporatedStevens-1960, p. 445.
1871-07 Pt.W. & Pt.P.Ry. opens to Port PerryStevens-1960, p. 445.
1874-03-24 Pt.W. & Pt.P.Ry. becomes the Whitby & Port Perry Extension Railway (W. & P.P.E. Ry.) Co.Stevens-1960, p. 445.
1876-03-02 W. & P.P.E.Ry. Co. becomes the W.P.P & L.Ry.Stevens-1960, p. 446.
1876-06-03 Survey of extension to Lindsay has begunThe Globe (Toronto), Saturday, June 3, 1876, p. 2
1876-08-01 W.P.P & L.Ry. opens to LindsayStevens-1960, p. 446.
1881-12 W.P.P & L.Ry. acquired by the M.Ry. of C.Stevens-1960, p. 446.
1883-09-22 Control of M.Ry. of C. officially passes to G.T.Ry.Stevens-1960, p. 440
1884-01-01 M.Ry. of C. leased to G.T.Ry.Stevens-1960, p. 350.
1893-04-01 Identity of M.Ry. of C. and its constituents cease after G.T.Ry. reorganizationStevens-1960, p. 440.
1914-09-14 Appears as 10th District, Whitby SubdivisionGTRS.EL.BD.7, p. 5.
1923-01-31 G.T.Ry. becomes part of C.N.Rys.Bowers-1983, p. 162, Cooper-2001, p. 394
1936-02-06 C.N.Rys. authorized to abandon Port Perry Subdivision from Port Perry to CresswellB.R.C. order 52747.
1941-03-12 C.N.Rys. authorized to abandon Port Perry Subdivision from Whitby (Town) to Port PerryB.T.C. order 60427.