MileageMiles measured northward from Whitby. Symbols Station Train Order and Telephone Offices Office Signals Car Capacity; Sidings Car Capacity; Other Tracks
(0.36) Whitby Wharf
0.00 Jct. with Oshawa Subdivision
1.94 W Whitby (Town) T
2.43 C.P.R. crossing
5.53 Brinlook CrossingOrono Sub. crossing.
Jct. with Orono Subdivision.
7.21 Brooklin
11.07 Myrtle
11.85 C.P.R. crossing (grade-separated)
14.10 High Point
15.89 .. Manchester
18.21 Prince Albert
19.66 Port Perry
27.00 Seagrave
28.86 Sonya
32.83 Cresswell
33.46 Manilla Junction
33.56 Jct. with Uxbridge SubdivisionJunction with Uxbridge Subdivision is facing point for southward trains.