C.N.Rys. Sutton Subdivision

The Sutton Subdivision has as its origin the Lake Simcoe Junction Railway (L.S.J.Ry.), which opened a line from Stouffville on the Toronto & Nipissing Railway (T.&N.Ry.) at Stouffville to Jackson's Point on Lake Simcoe on January 10, 1877Cooper-1982, p. 101.

A wye on the Bala Subdivision connecting to Sutton Subdivision was constructed north of the crossing of the two subdivisions in 1928 prior to the abandonment of line from Zephyr Crossing to Ballantrae. The reaminder of the line to Stouffville was abandoned in 1930.

In October 30, 1960 time table the Sutton Subdivision was downgraded to a Spur.

Service on the Sutton Spur ceased August 13, 1979 and the rails were lifted July 14, 1981.

Rules 41 and 44 applicable.

Special Instruction 19 applicable.


Trains may leave Zephyr without obtaining terminal clearance.


Trains may leave Sutton without obtaining terminal clearance.

Yard limit signs
Zephyr 3,000 feet West of West Wye Switch
Speed restrictions
Miles per hour
2500 and 2600 Class engines 10
Under 2500 and 2600 Class engines 15
Engine and Car Restrictions
Heaviest auxiliary crane permitted 2500 and 2600 class.
Heaviest auxiliary crane permitted 160 tons.
Way freights
Leaves Zephyr Tue. and Sat. for Sutton and return.Bala Way Freight No. 519 arrives from Don on Mondays and Fridays then works the Sutton Subdivision TuesdayS and SaturdayS before returning to Don as No. 518.
Date Event
1873-03-29 L.S.J.Ry. charter passedCooper-1982, p. 152, Stevens-1960, p. 453.
1874-12-01 T.&N.Ry. agrees to provide rolling stock and operate the line for 21 years in return for 25% of gross receiptsStevens-1960, p. 453.

Ontario government adopts $2,000 per mile grant to L.S.J.Ry.The Globe (Toronto), Saturday, February 5, 1876, p. 1.

1876-02-10 L.S.J.Ry. charter amended to extend to the W.&.P.P.Ry.Cooper-1982, p. 153.
1876-10-19 L.S.J.Ry. agreement with T.&N.Ry. ratifiedCooper-1982, p. 152.
1877-06-18 Grading to Sutton is complete and first rail is laid at StouffvilleThe Globe (Toronto), Tuesday, June 19, 1877, p. 4.
1877-10-01 L.S.J.Ry. opens for trafficCooper-1982, p. 153, Stevens-1960, p. 453.
1881-07 T.&N.Ry. acquired by M.Ry.C.Cooper-1982, p. 153.
1881-12-12 Midland Consolidation ratifiedCooper-1982, p. 153.
1882-03-10 Midland Consolidation becomes law (45 VIC Cap 67)Cooper-1982, p. 153.
1882-04-01 Midland Consolidation effectiveCooper-1982, p. 153.
1883-09-22 Control of M.Ry.C. officially passes to G.T.Ry.Stevens-1960, p. 440
1883-10-26 Line converted to standard gauge.
1884-01-01 M.Ry.C. leased to G.T.Ry.Stevens-1960, p. 350.
1893-04-01 Identity of M.Ry.C. and its constituents cease after G.T.Ry. reorganizationStevens-1960, p. 440.
1914-09-14 Appears as 10th District, Sutton Subdivision in G.T.Ry.S. ETTGTRS.EL.BD.7, p. 5.
1923-01-31 G.T.Ry. becomes part of C.N.Rys.Bowers-1983, p. 162, Cooper-2001, p. 394
1927-09-24 C.N.Rys. abandons Sutton to Jackson's PointCooper-1982, p. 153.
1928-05-19 C.N.Rys. discontinues mixed train service on Sutton SubdivisionCooper-1982, p. 153.
1928-10-12/25 C.N.Rys. lifts rails between Zephyr Crossing and Ballantrae (M10.24 to M21.02 from Jackson's Point)Cooper-1982, p. 154; persumably this was after the wye connection with the Bala Subdivision was constructed.
1928-06-24/1931-04-26 Appears as Capreol Division/Sutton Subdivision, Zephyr to SuttonCNR.CR.NOD.24/35.
1930 C.N.Rys. lifts rail between Stouffville and BallantraeCooper-1982, p. 154.
1931-06-28/1960-06-26 Appears as Allandale Division/Sutton Subdivision, Zephyr to SuttonCNR.CR.NOD.36/27.
1960-10-30 Appears as Allandale Division/Bala Subdivision/Sutton Spur, Zephyr to SuttonCNR.CR.NOD.28.
1961-01-01/1961-10-29 Appears as Great Lakes Region/Bala Subdivision/Sutton Spur, Zephyr to SuttonCNR.CR.NOA.29/32.
1979-08-13 C.N.Rys. discontinues service on the Sutton SubdivisionCooper-1982, p. 154.
1981-07-14 C.N.Rys. lifts rails from Zephyr to SuttonCooper-1982, p. 154.
Date Reference Railway Subject Description
n.d. NAC / Col. RG30M Acc. 945013, Box P 683-6 Stouffville to Mt. Albert.