Toronto Terminals Ry. M1.98E—Queen St. overhead bridge

Overhead Bridge: Queen St
Railway: C.N.Rys. C.P.Rys. T.T.Ry.
Subdivision: Bala Oshawa East Zone
Mileage: 1.98 107.1 1.98
Date Event
1905-01-17 B.R.C. examines Toronto Street Railway crossing of C.P.Ry. and G.T.Ry. on Queen St. East, TorontoBRC-1906, pg. 99.
1905-06-20 City of Toronto applies to build bridge over railway tracks at Queen St. EastThe Ontario Law Report.
1909-08-23 City of Toronto authorized to construct bridge over C.N.O.Ry., C.P.Ry. and G.T.Ry. at Queen St East; work to be completed by 1910-07-01B.R.C. Order No. 7813.
1910-07-15 Time for completion of Queen St East overhead bridge extended to 1911-07-01B.R.C. Order No. 11169.
1911-10-31 C.N.O.Ry., C.P.Ry. and G.T.Ry. authorized to operate trains under Queen St East overhead bridgeB.R.C. Order No. 15219.

Schematic track and signal plan of Cherry Street Interlocking M1.72 to M2.02 East.