C.N.Rys. Wiarton Subdivision

The Wiarton Subdivision has as its origin the Georgian Bay & Lake Erie Railway (G.B. & L.E.Ry.), which opened to Wiarton on July 24, 1882Bowers-1983, p. 19.

Special instruction No. 19 applicable.

Rules 41 and 44 applicable.


Trains may leave without terminal clearance provided train order signal indicates proceed.

Before proceeding to Owen Sound Subdivision Conductors must obtain permission from Dispatcher who will record such permission train order book as transmitted to and acknowledged by Conductor, except when communication with the train dispatcher is interrupted regular trains will proceed on timetable authority.

Mileage at Parkhead is from Junction switch. Distance from Jct. switch to station is 0.05 mile.

Yard limit signs
Parkhead 3248 North of Station
Wiarton 5000 feet South of Station.
Speed restrictions
Miles per hour
Trains 25
Permanent slow orders
Mileage Miles per hour
5.70 Clavering, public crossing at grade, second south of station. (B.T.C. 56630.) 10
9.99 Wiarton, George St. (B.T.C. Order 58841). 10
Engine and car restrictions
Heaviest engine permitted to operate 5600 Class.

Heaviest auxiliary crane permitted 160 tons.

Date Event
1881-11-29 Rails reach WiartonBowers-1983, p. 19.
1880-05-25 G.T.Ry. leases the S. & H.Ry.The Globe (Toronto), Wednesday, August 2, 1882, p. 3, c. 1.
1882-06-30 G.B. & L.E.Ry. receives completion certificate from Ontario Public Works DepartmentThe Globe (Toronto), Saturday, July 1, 1882, p. 2, c. 1 & 5.
1882-07-24 Regular service to Wiarton beginsBowers-1983, p. 19Stevens states that the sixty-two miles of line between Harriston and Wiarton were opened for traffic on July 1st 1882Stevens-1960, p. 467..
1882-08-01 Official opening of the G.B. & L.E.Ry. held at WiartonThe Globe (Toronto), Wednesday, August 2, 1882, p. 3, c. 1.
1911-07-15 G.T.Rys. ordered to re-establish passenger service on trains 7 and 65, and 58 and 6, between Palmerston and Wiarton, record of passengers to be kept between Aug. 1 and 31, inclusive, and to be filed with Board by Sept. 15BRC Order 14212.
1923-01-31 G.T.Ry. becomes part of C.N.Rys.Bowers-1983, p. 162, Cooper-2001, p. 394