Wednesday, April 26, 1905 The Toronto Daily Star (Toronto) Page 4, col. 3

A violent expropriation.

Sir Wm. Meredith's view of action of James Bay Railway.

Unreasonable and stiff-backed was Sir William Meredith's characterization of the conduct of officials of the James Bay Railway Company, which was the defendant at the Non-Jury Assizes yesterday, in an action for damages brought by Mrs. Mary Bentley. The company needed four acres of her farm near Mount Albert. What they required they took, even to the cutting down of trees without authority.

Sir William stated that this illegal trespass was impudent, since the company already had the limit of reasonable rights. The company claimed they had the lady's consent to enter upon her lands, but the Chief Justice ruled that the consent did not imply such liberties as were taken. The plaintiff gets $1 damages and full costs.

Railways: J.B.Ry.

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