July 1, 1902, Vol. 20, No. 1 The Street Railway Journal (New York) Page 80, col. 1

Canadian Notes


Schomberg, Ont.—The Schomberg & Aurora Electric Railway will probably be placed in operation on July 5. The road extends from Aurora, a station on the Grand Trunk in Ontario, 30 miles north of Toronto, to Schomberg, at the head of the water outlet to Lake Simcoe. It will be preeminently a tourist line during summer, and a freight and passenger line all the year round, as it passes through a rich farming country which has no transit facilities. Freight sheds and yard are to be erected at the terminal near Bond Lake. The road will connect with the Metropolitan Electric Railway at AuroraThe junction with the Metropolitan was 4 miles south of Aurora, thus securing an entrance to Toronto.

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