Friday, September 19, 1930, Vol. 77, No. 33 The Newmarket Era Page 1, col. 4

T.T.C. seeks buyers of Metropolitan assets.

Many regret passing of Metropolitan line.

The City Board of Control has started procedure in disposal of the assets of the Metropolitan Railway from Richmond Hill to Newmarket, including all lands involved, old cars, miles of track and station houses.

Mayor Wemp stated: "Not one municipality north of Richmond Hill has even notified us of their desire for part of the line, so liquidation of the assets are almost certain to start immediately." The trust and Guaranatee Co., Ltd., has been appointed liquidators.

Price far too high.

Reeve Fred Lundy of Newmarket, questioned on what he thought of the decision reached by the Board of Control, stated that Newmarket hated to see the radial scrapped, but due to the exorbitant price demanded by Toronto nothing could be done but refrain from purchasing the line. "We want a line to Newmarket, and if Toronto will offer us a reasonable price we will purchase the line. The price asked is far too high. If we accepted it we would be in debt for years. Even if we did accept it would be useless, for Aurora is definitely against any purchase whatsoever."

Reeve Archie Murray declared that such a decision was final as far as Aurora was concerned.

The liquidators will have to dispose of the trackage 12 miles long from Richmond Hill to Schomberg Junction, and an additional 23 miles of track from Schomberg Junction to Aurora.Unsure how these mileages were determined: Richmond Hill to Schomberg Jct. was 4.07 miles; Schomberg Jct. to Aurora was 4.05 miles; Richmond Hill to Newmarket was 12.92 miles. What about trackage from Newmarket to Sutton? They will also have to sell valuable lands contiguous to the railway.

Bond Lake Park will have to be sold. At Newmarket the station car house site and adjacent lands will have to be sold. A private right of way at Schomberg is also included in the assets.

Due to the fact that the line has not been used for months, it is expected that only the scrap value will be realized on a sale. In many places decomposition has set in, while the complete line is in needs of repair.

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