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August 1900, No. 30 The Railway and Shipping World (Toronto) Page 239, col. 1

Railway development.

Projected lines, surveys, construction, betterments, etc.


The Great Northern of Canada has been constructed from Rivière a Pierre, on the Québec & Lake St. John Ry., to a connection with the Canada Atlantic Ry. at Hawkesbury, 172 1/2 miles ; branch to Shawinigan, 4 1/2 miles; total constructed road, 177 miles. The line is all completed, except the bridge across the Ottawa River at Hawkesbury, which will, it is said, be finished, & the through line opened in September. The Lower Laurentian Ry., 39 1/2 miles, has been purchased by, & forms a part of the G. N. Ry. One hundred miles of the latter's track is laid with 70 lbs. steel rails, & the remainder with 56 lbs. rails. The Co has contracts running for 20 years with the Canada Atlantic & the Québec & Lake St. John for interchange of traffic on a mileage basis. Under the charter of the Chateauguay & Northern Ry. the G.N.R. will build a line between Joliette & Montréal. It will be 36 miles long & will it is said, be completed next spring, giving the G.N.R. direct entrance to Montréal where it will have its Own terminals. (June, pg. 175.)

The Dominion Parliament last session voted $64,000 towards building a branch not exceeding 20 miles, from or near Joliette towards Ste. Emilie, touching the parishes of Ste. Beatrix & St. Jean de Matha.

Railways: C.A.Ry., G.N.Ry., Q. & L.St.J.Ry.