April 1898, No. 2 The Railway and Shipping World (Toronto) Page 39

Work on the Grand Trunk.

In addition to equipping its system with extra 60,000 lbs. freight cars the G.T.R. is making arrangements to have the roadbed, locomotives, &c., between Toronto & Portland put in condition to haul 35 cars to a train-load from the former to the latter city without having to cut the train. To do this means that all the bridges between Vaudreuil & Portland are being materially strengthened, & some of the heavy grades east of Montréal will be overcome by building a track round them, which will perhaps increase the mileage to some extent, but the amount of time saved by running over flat country will equalize the loss, if any. This departure will enable the Co. to rush through its trains much quicker than formerly, when the trains had to be cut & reduced in load at several terminals in order to overcome the grades.

Arrangements have been made to commence extensive improvements on the Southern Division, which is now being jointly used by the G. T. & Wabash. Traffic will now be much heavier than formerly, in view of the change, & it will be necessary to lay standard 80 lbs. steel rails to replace 56 to 66 lbs. ones now down, & put in additional sidings.

The masonry work on the Victoria Jubilee Bridge at Montréal has been completed, & the work of erecting the superstructure will now go on from both ends.

General Manager Hays informs us that it is the Co.'s intention, as soon as the necessary legislation can be obtained, to somewhat improve the International Bridge connecting Fort Erie, Ont., with Buffalo, N.Y., so as to better facilitate the Co.'s business over it. The plans, however, have not yet progressed far.

Railways: G.T.Ry., Wab.Rd.