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January 1905, No. 83 The Railway and Shipping World (Toronto) Page 11, col. 3

Railway development.

Projected lines, surveys, construction, betterments, etc.


Hamilton Radial Ry.—The extension of this line from its present terminus near Burlington to Oakville, Ont.,will be constructed on an acquired right of way, adjoining and parallel to the road allowance between the 3rd and 4th concessions south of Dundas St. to the township of Nelson to lot 21 in the township of Trafalgar. At this point the line leaves thfe parallel course with the roadway, and passes through private property to the southerly limit of Oakville, thence along Rebecca and Randal streets to the northerly limits of the town, where connection will be made with the extension of the Toronto and Mimico Ry. The distance from the present terminus to Oakville is 10 miles. The route described is the most direct, running through the centre of Oakville. The alignment and gradients have been established with a view to advantageously meet the requirements of a fast electric passenger service. The sharpest curve bas a radius of 1,146 ft. and the ruling gradient is 1%, aggregating about 5% of the length of line. The road bed will be constructed to standard widths, for double track, the grading will be light, and there will be no heavy cuttings. All streams having openings from 12 to 50 ft. will be provided with steel beams and girders, deck spans on concrete abutments. The crossings of the Twelve Mile Creek, at Bronte, and Sixteen Mile Creek, Oakville, will be steel trestles, of braced towers carrying alternate girder spans with a trussed span over the creeks, and the sub-structures will be of concrete upon pile foundations. The dimensions of the bridges, in the order given, will be 377 ft. long and 45 ft. above high water level of Lake Ontario and 634 1/2 ft. and 41 ft. respectively. The piling for these bridges has been completed, but the concrete work will be deferred until spring. All abutments and substructures will be built for double track, but steel superstructure for a single track only will be erected at first. This remark also applies to track construction generally, which the company purposes doing itself. The contract for grading, clearing, fencing, foundations and concrete work has been awarded to F. Dickenson, Hamilton. A contract has also been awarded for the bridge superstructures. It is the intention of the company to vigorously push on construction as early in the spring as possible for completion by July. T. E. Hillman, Hamilton, is the engineer. (Sept., 1904, pg. 313.)

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