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October 1905, No. 92 The Railway and Shipping World (Toronto) Page 487, col. 1

Electric railways.

Projects, construction and betterments.

Brantford and Hamilton Ry.—The promoters of the Hamilton, Ancaster and Brantford Ry. have completed negotiations with the owners of the B. and H. Ry., by which they secure the Dominion charter to construct an electric railway to connect Hamilton and Brantford, Ont., in addition to the Provincial one they previously owned. The transfer of the charter was signed at Brantford, Sept. 6, on which day the franchise granting an entrance into Brantford was also signed. C. D. Haines subsequently stated that the line would be constructed under the charter of the Brantford and Hamilton Ry., that grading would be gone on with at once, and that orders for rails, cars, etc., would be placed as quickly as possible. Under the Hamilton by-law the line has to be in operation by Nov., 1906. (July, pg. 313.)

Railways: B. & H.E.Ry.