April 1898, No. 2 The Railway and Shipping World (Toronto) Page 39, col. 3

Railway building in 1897.

Following is a record of construction during last year:

Asbestos & Danville. —From Danville, Que., to Asbestos 4.75
Atlantic & Lake Superior. —From Caplin to Paspebiac 20
Canada Atlantic. —From Lacolle Jct. to Vermont State line 5.5
Canadian Pacific. —Columbia & Kootenay extension from Slocan Jct. to Slocan Lake 32
—Crow's Nest Pass extension from Lethbridge west toward Nelson 65
—Montréal & Ottawa extension from Alfred toward Ottawa 42
Total 139
Coast Railway of Nova Scotia. —From Belleville to East Pubnico 17.2
Columbia & Western. —From Trail to West Robson 21.5
Drummond County. —From Moose Park to Chaudiere 42
East Richelieu Valley. —From Iberville to Henryville 12
Irondale, Bancroft & Ottawa. —Extension to Bancroft 5
Lake Manitoba Railway & Canal Co. —Extension to Winnipegosis 23
L'Epiphaine & L'Assomption. —Extension from L'Assomption 4
Montford Colonization. —From Brunet to Arundel 12
Ottawa & New York. —From Ottawa to Cornwall 52
Phillipsburg Railroad & Quarry. —From main line to wharf on Missisquoi Bay 7
United Counties. —From Iberville to Island Thomas 22
Total 380.65

The total mileage of new roads built in the whole of the United States during the same period was only 2,108.82 miles.

Railways: C.A.Ry., C.P.Ry., I.B. & O.Ry., O. & N.Y.Ry.