January 1899 The Railway and Shipping World (Toronto) Page 8, col. 3

Grand Trunk improvements, &c.


It is rumoured that the Lakefield branch, which runs from Peterboro' to Lakefield, 9 miles, will be extended northeast about 35 miles to connected with a proposed extension of the Pembroke Southern at St. Olo, so as to materially shorten the distance between Toronto & Pembroke. It is rumored the Co. will build from Kingston, Ont., via Smith's Falls & Richmond to Ottawa. A rumor was recently sent out from Windsor, Ont., to the effect that the G.T.R. was about to construct a branch from Belle River through Essex to Kingsville, that on the strength of the rumor several pieces of property had recently changed hands in Essex, & that the Manager of the Cameron estate, which has large holdings in that neighborhood, admitted that he had consented to give the land for the station at Essex. The rumor was probably started to boom real estate, as we are authorized by the G.T.R. management to state that there is no truth in it.

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