September 1898, No. 7 The Railway and Shipping World (Toronto) Page 183

Construction & betterment.

Irondale, Bancroft & Ottawa.—The line, which ran from the G.T.R. Jct. to Baptiste, Ont., has been extended this season 5 miles to a point 2 1/4 miles north of Bancroft, the station at the end of extension being named Bancroft. (Official.) (June, pg. 99, Aug. pg. 151.)

Ontario & Rainy River.—This line, 20 miles of which are under construction, leaves the P. A., D. & W. Ry. at Stanley, crosses the Kaministiquia, at Kakabeka Falls, & will follow the south bank of the river to its junction with the Mattawan, then along the Mattawan valley, through the Mattawan iron range & south of the Shabendowan. (Aug., pg. 151.)

Pembroke Southern.—It is said that this line, which runs from Pembroke, Ont., to Golden Lake, on the O. A. & P. S., has been completed. (July, pg. 122.)

Railways: G.T.Ry., I.B. & O.Ry., O.A. & P.S.Ry., P.S.Ry.