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October 1902, No. 56 The Railway and Shipping World (Toronto) Page 340, col. 1

Grand Trunk Ry. betterments, etc.


Port Hope to Whitby.—The work of reducing the gradients and double-tracking the line between Port Hope and Whitby Jct., Ont., a distance of some 32 1/2 miles, is now in hand. For the purpose of securing better alignment, and more favorable grades than can be obtained on the present location, it was decided to make three deviations, viz: 1, from Port Hope to west of Newtonville, about 7 1/4 miles; 2, from mileage 279 3/4 to mileage 283 1/4, 3 1/2 miles; 3, from Bowanville to mileage 295 1/2, 5 1/2 miles. Another short deviation, east of Bowanville, is also being considered. The contracts for the earthwork on the 1st and 3rd deviations where let to P. Breen & Co., of St. Catharines, who have been at work since June. The contract for the earthwork of the 2nd deviation has just been let to Ross & McRae, of Montréal, and work has been commenced. The masonry work will, in all cases, be done by the Hon. W. Gibson, of Beamsville, Ont. The principal engineering features are as follows: Mileage 273 15-16, Port Britain hully, 20 ft. arch, 205 ft. long, under embankment 60 ft. high; mileage 279 1/2, public road under crossing, 21 ft. arch; mileage 291 3/4, combined road and stream arch, 21 ft.; mileage 289, public road under-crossing, 21 ft. arch. (This latter is on the contemplated diversion east of Bowanville, and may not be required if the present location is adhered to.) All the work in connection with lowering of the existing track and widening the embankment for the new second track, where the present location is adhered to, will be done by the Co.'s own men under the supervision of F. H. McGuigan, Manager.

Railways: G.T.Ry.

Stations: Bowmanville, Newtonville, Port Hope, Whitby