Friday, January 19, 1900 The Banner (Aurora)

The Grand Trunk authorities are digging up and removing from the station grounds here ten fine maple shade trees to ornament their grounds at Penetanguishene. It seems somewhat peculiar that trees could not be found in the neighborhood of Penetanguishene to ornament the grounds without taking them from here. We presume, however, the company wants to make their grounds correspond in appearance to the station. There is not a more inconvenient or unsightly looking station on the road that this one, in fact it is reported that Manager Hays said when passing through here on a tour of inspection that the architect who planned and built it should either in the asylum or the penitentiary. Surely this work of denuding the ground of shade trees which were planted years ago must have escaped the notice of District Manager Tiffin and when his attention is called to the matter he will stop the outrage.

Railways: G.T.Ry.

Stations: Aurora, Penetang