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February 1904, No. 72 The Railway and Shipping World (Toronto) Page 59, col. 1

G.T.R. betterments, construction, etc.


Brantford—Paris improvements.—The lengthened negotiations with the Paris town council resulted in an agreement being reached Dec. 16, by which the G.T.R. will construct a subway at Grand River st. crossing 60 ft. long and 13 ft. high, with a roadway 24 ft. wide and a pathway on either side 6 ft. wide for passengers. To allow this the tracks will be raised 11 ft. across Grand River st., and 10 ft. at Broadway. The crossing at Broadway will be closed to all but pedestrians.

In connection with these improvements the line between Paris and Brantford is being thoroughly overhauled, and in some places a new line is being constructed, thus doing away with some heavy gradients, and double tracks are being laid. It is proposed to construct a new bridge over the Grand River at Paris at a cost of 120,000, and to build twin bridges over other streams crossed by the line in order to carry the second track. The new station at Brantford will probably be erected in the spring. (Nov., 1903, pg. 387.)

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