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December 1898, No. 10 The Railway and Shipping World (Toronto) Page 257

Grand Trunk betterments, etc.


The Black Rock yards.—On Dec. 6 a Buffalo, N.Y., paper published a Washington, D. C., despatch as follows:—"The G. T. R. Co. has secured control of the Canadian section of the bridge to be built across the Niagara River at Grand Island, & the Co. has in view the removal of its yards at Black Rock to Grand Island, where unlimited space can be secured. The agitation to connect Grand Island with the mainland by a bridge has been carried on for years, but has been held up on account of the enormous expense attached to the construction of the 2 big spans, one on the U.S. side of the island, & the other on the Canadian side. It is stated now that the G.T. Co. has offered to build the Canadian section, & it is believed that the scheme will be carried out. The island affords splendid dockage facilities, which it is believed the G.T. Co. would make use of." We are officially authorized to deny the statements, as there is no basis for them.

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Stations: Black Rock, NY