Wednesday, August 3, 1881 The Globe (Toronto) Page 4, col. 6

Owen Sound and the Grand Trunk Railway

(To the Editor of The Globe.)

Sir,—The people of Owen Sound seem infatuated in favour of handing the Toronto, Grey, and Bruce over to the Grand Trunk. In a few weeks the Grand Trunk will be running trains to Tara on the Stratford and Lake Huron. Building a link of ten miles will bring that line into Owen Sound. If the Owen Sounders want the Grand Trunk they can have it by doing this. The Grand Trunk can have access to Owen Sound at the same price; but it is not access to Owen Sound the Grand Trunk is after; it is control of existing lines. But what can be said of the sanity of the good people of Owen Sound? They are doing for themselves what the Dominion Government did for Winnipeg: they are endeavouring to hand the two avenue to their town over to one syndicate. What is it? These people are, many of them, quite sane. In fact all I know of them are so, but I have not seen them during this year of comets.

Yours respectfully,

August 1st, 1881.

Railways: G.T.Ry., S. & H.Ry., T.G. & B.Ry.

Stations: Owen Sound, Tara