Saturday, October 22, 1921 The Globe (Toronto) Page 3, col. 5

New railway station opened at Hornepayne

C.N.R. building said to be one of the finest in the whole province.

(Special Despatch to The Globe.)

Hornepayne, Oct. 21.—Hornepayne took on a metropolitan aspect tonight when 300 guests arrived here to attend the dance given by the employees and the officials of the C.N.R. to celebrate the opening of the new $100,000 railway station here.

There is none, it is said, that can compare with it between Toronto and Port Arthur, and it is one of the advanced steps taken by the re-organized Canadian National in way of development and improvement. In addition to the station, the Canadian National Telegraph has installed one of its most up-to-date repeating stations int he new building for highs-speed automatic operations between Winnipeg, Toronto and Montréal.

The dance was held in the large general office room which was taxed to its capacity. Chief Despatcher Mills and Superintendent J. J. Napier were in charge of the entertainment, and the women of Hornepayne served a buffet luncheon.

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