C.N.Rys. Alexandria

Station: Alexandria
Subdivision: Alexandria
Mileage: 80.04
Symbols: WZ
Train Order: DN
Office Signals: AX
Sidings: 102
Other Tracks: 91
Yard Limit Boards: 5660 feet East of Station
4163 feet West of Station

HSMBC Report: RSR-214
Designation / Year: /

All cars on eastward and westward freight trains must be given standing inspection on both sides by Train Crew.

All trains and engine movements on the three sidings intersecting Main Street, Alexandria, must be protected by a member of the crew (B.T.C. 81484).

Date Event
1915-07-14 Alexandria station and restaurant destroyed by fireGrand Trunk Railway betterments, construction, etc., Canadian Railway and Marine World, No. 210 (1915-08), pg. 312, col. 1.