Grimsby Beach

Station: Grimsby Beach, a.k.a. Grimsby Park
Subdivision: Grimsby
Mileage: 25.68
Symbols: X
Train Order: P
Office Signals: ..
Sidings: ..
Other Tracks: 18
(Lincoln County, North Grimsby Township)

*No. 102 reduce speed at Grimsby Beach ... to 15 M.P.H. on Wednesdays, and on other days to 30 M.P.H. to discharge mail.

*No. 107 reduce speed to 30 M.P.H. at Grimsby Beach to pick up mail bag at mail catching post daily except Sunday.

Date Event
1902-07-15/1908-05-23 Grimsby Park, mile 25.74Grand Trunk Railway System, Complete Time Tables, July 15, 1902, pp. 13-14; GTRS Folder B No. 186.
1911-06-04/1931-09-27 Grimsby Beach, mile 25.74GTRS.MD.43; GTRS.OL.LSD.02/11; CNR.CR.SWOD.LSD.2/16; CNR.CR.SOD.LSD.21/40.
1932-06-26/1936-09-27 Grimsby Beach, mile 25.91CNR.CR.SOD.LSD.43/61.
1937-04-25/1954-09-26 Grimsby Beach, mile 25.68CNR.CR.SOD.LSD.62/09.
1955-04-24/1969-04-27 Grimsby Beach, mile 25.7CNR.CR.SOD.LSD.10/20; CNR.GLR.LA.21/41.
1969-10-26 Other Tracks, Grimsby Beach, mile 25.7, W.XCNR.GLR.LA.42.
1970-04-26 Grimby Beach absent from time tablesCNR.GLR.LA.43.
Date Image Notes
R.A. Maniquet collection
Postcard view of Grimsby Park station in GTR era.


Date Reference Railway Subject Description
1887-12-27 NAC RG30M, Acc. No. 78903/42, Item 303 G.T.Ry. Station. Side elevation of building and cross section of covered platform; front elevation; plan. Josephy Hobson, Chief Engineer. 596-22.