Station: Mariposa
Subdivision: Uxbridge
Mileage: 7.50
Symbols: ..
Train Order: D
Office Signals: P
Sidings: 25 (M7.35 to M7.64)It seems odd that this track is classified as a siding since Hogg & Lytle, a grain elevator, a grain shed and scale house are located on the south side.
Other Tracks: ..
Location: County Rd. No. 6

(Victoria County, Mariposa Township)

All switching movements over first public crossing at grade west of station must be protected by member of crew. (B.T.C. 51590).

Date Event
1876-08-01 W.P.P. & L.Ry. opens line from Manilla to LindsayStevens-1960, p. 446.
Date Images Notes
Charles L. Cooper photo
West and north elevations of grain shed located at Uxbridge M7.44 south of the siding at Mariposa.
Steve Lucas photo
East and south elevations of Mariposa freight shed located at Uxbridge M7.46 north of main.