Station: Scotia, a.k.a. Scotia Junction
Subdivision: Algonquin Huntsville
Mileage: 41.3 48.97
Symbols: RWYZ RWYZ
Train Order: DN DN
Office Signals: NS NS
Sidings: 59 47
Other Tracks: 31 19
Yard Limit Board: 5,884 feet West of Junction Switch
3,588 feet East of Junction Switch
4,450 feet South of Station
3,600 feet South of Station
Location: (Parry Sound District, Perry Township)

Algonquin Subdivision

Trains must obtain terminal clearance at Scotia unless otherwise instructed.

Trains must not use any portion of Huntsville Subdivision main track until it has been ascertained whether all Huntsville Subdivision trains due, which are superior or of the same class, have arrived or left.

Huntsville Subdivision

Register station for trains originating. Trains originating must obtain terminal clearance.

Date Event
1894-07-02 Scotia does not appear in a ca. 1894 G.T.Ry. time tableGTR-1894, pp. 28-29
1917-09-01 Location and plan of new G.T.Ry. station approvedB.R.C. 26496.
1922-08-11 G.T.R. authorized to build spur for Scotia Junction Trading CompanyB.R.C. 32748.
Before 1941-12-31 Diamond crossing removedCNR-1941, Sheet 3.
Date Image Notes
1910/1923 Image Not Available
Andrew Merrilees Collection / NAC / PA-210792
G.T.Ry. 1644 arriving at station.
Date Reference Railway Subject Description
1906-03-05 NAC / Col. RG30M Acc. 90137 Item 435 G.T.Ry. Track plan. 1"=40'
1917-06 NAC / Col. RG30M Acc. 78903/42 Item 566
MacKay-1984, p. TBD
G.T.Ry. New station. Plans. Elevations. Section.
1917-06 NAC / Col. RG30M Acc. 78903/42 Item 567
MacKay-1984, p. TBD
G.T.Ry. New station. Millwork details.
1941-12-31 C.N.Rys. Operating Diagram Sheet 3
1952 Wilson-2007, p. 176 C.N.Rys. Track plan.