C.N.Rys. Huntsville M76.83

Subdivision: Huntsville
Mileage: 76.83
Structure 100-ton coaling plant
Location: Download KML file for Google Earth Show in Google Maps South River
(Parry Sound District, Machar Township)
Date Event
1937-04-01/19 CNR tenders for 100-ton coaling plant structure at South RiverThe Globe and Mail (Toronto), Friday, April 2, 1937, p. 28, c. 8.
Date Image Notes
Ian M. Wilson photo
South River coaling plant looking north. Note that unlike Washago the metal headhouse and elevator have been removed.
Date Reference Railway Subject Description
1954c J.P. Smith C.N.Rys. 100-ton coaling plant. General layout, N-Scale drawing