Wednesday, November 10, 1852 The Examiner (Toronto) Page 2, col. 3

 ..  The Bill to enpower the several Grand Trunk Railway Companies to unite was read a second time  .. 

[The] Toronto and Guelph Railway Bill [was read] a third time ..  . The Grand Junction railway Bill was read a second time; also the Erie and Ontario Railway Bill; and the Toronto, Simcoe and Huron Bill, passed through the committee.

And this evening  ..  the Grand Junction Railway Bill  ..   [was] read a third time.

Québec, Monday, Oct.Nov. 8

 ..  The bill to incorporate the Grand Junction Railroad Company was read a third time and passed.

The bill to amend the act incorporating the Ontario, Simcoe and Huron Railroad Union Company, was also read a third time and passed.  ..