Friday, January 16, 1874 The Woodstock Weekly Review (Woodstock) Page 6

The Fuel Burner.—The experiments for burning oil as fuel, which have been going on for several weeks past on the Great Western Railway, turn out to be most satisfactory to all concerned, and particularly so to Messrs. Ribighini & Anderson, the patentees of the invention. Engine No. 236 has been drawing oil cars from Petrolia to London during the week using one fo the fuel burners with the greatest success. Last night the train which left Petrolia at 2.30 p.m., and is due in London at 7 o'clock, arrived at 6.08 p.m. The patentees were invited by the G.W.R. authorities to visit Hamilton to-day, and show the working of their celebrated burner to the officers, who, we believe, intend fitting their locomotives with the invention. Messrs. Ribighini & Anderson are to be congratulated upon the success which has attended their efforts in perfecting the burner.

Railways: G.W.Ry.

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