1905 Annual report of the Ontario Railway and Municipal Board (Toronto) Page 3, col. 2

County summary.

A cursory view of incidents clipped as clipped.

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Beeton.—Work is proceeding briskly in connection with the construction of the new C.P.R. line at and near Tottenham. The Johnston firm has the contract for building ten miles of the road, five miles north and five miles south of Tottenham. The railway station, it has been decided, will be situated on Mr. John Lyon's farm, just east of the village, and three large switches, as well as the main line, will be put in at once. Large droves of horses and miles, with wagons and men, as well as several carloads of machinery, have arrived, and the work is now in full swing. Two steam shovels are in operation, one a short distance east of Scanlan's Corners, on the firth line, and the other at the Black Horse.—Word.

Railways: C.P.Ry.