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January 1899, No. 11 The Railway and Shipping World (Toronto) Page 13, col. 2

Surveys, construction & betterment.


Ontario & Rainy River.—The grading on F. E. Fauquier's contract for the 1st 20 miles of this line from Stanley west, is expected to be finished early next spring. No track has been laid yet, & the Kaministiquia bridge has not yet been decided on. The line is located from Stanley for 30 miles up the Kaministiquia & Mattawin Rivers, crossing the Kaministiquia 5 miles above Stanley & following up the south side of the Kaministiquia & Mattawin. A trial line is being run up the Shebandowan River, & north of Lake Shebandowan, & a survey party is working from near the head waters of the Atikokan River towards the Shebandowan. Two other survey parties, which started back to back near Mine Centre, are working east towards the head waters of the Atikokan & west to the Rainy River district, & a third party is working from the present terminus of the Manitoba & South-Eastern Ry., easterly towards the Rainy River district. It is said the Co. will endeavor to get the Dominion Government aid increased to $6,400 a mile next session.

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