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February 1899, No. 12 The Railway and Shipping World (Toronto) Page 40, col. 2

Surveys, construction, betterment, &c.


Ontario & Rainy River.—The contractor for the first 20 miles has had about 150 men engaged on rock work since the severe weather set in. The 5 surveying parties are nearing one another, & it is expected that before the end of this month there will be a connected survey line through to Rainy Lake. The bridge over the Kaministiquia is still under consideration. The work generally has been made very difficult by the exceptionally severe cold. W. Mackenzie recently stated that he expected 150 miles of the line would be built this year, if additional aid is secured from the Dominion Government. (Jan., pg. 13.)

Railways: O. & R.R.Ry.