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June 1899, No. 16 The Railway and Shipping World (Toronto) Page 176, col. 1

Surveys, construction betterment, &c.


Ontario & Rainy River.—The number of men employed on construction has been largely increased, & several additional contracts have been let. W, Mackenzie states that it is expected to have the line completed by the fall of 1901. It is considered certain that the Dominion Parliament will increase the bonus to $6,400 a mile irrespective of the cost of construction. In giving the Co. power to secure the Port Arthur, Duluth & Western Ry., Parliament has protected the town of Port Arthur, which gave $25,000 bonus for the shops of the P. A. D. & W. being located there. (May, Pg. 136.)

Railways: O. & R.R.Ry., Pt.A.D. & W.Ry.