May 1911, No. 159 The Railway and Marine World (Toronto) Page 429, col. 1

Canadian Northern Ry. construction, etc.

Canadian Northern Québec Ry.—The Dominion Parliament has authorized the construction of a line from Rawdon to a junction with the National Transcontinental Ry., with a branch from near Rawdon to Joliette; and a line from St. Jérôme to St. Eustache, Que.

The Québec City council is being asked to pass a resolution asking' the Provincial Government not to grant any further subsidies to the C.N.Q. Ry. lines without insisting upon the company carrying out its alleged obligations with the city to construct workshops within its limits in return for a subsidy of $200,000. It is claimed that the contract was entered into with the old Great Northern Ry., and the subsidy paid over, but that the shops were not built. The C.N.Q.Ry., is the successor of the G.N.Ry.

The Board of Railway Commissioners has ordered the company to fence its line from Hochelaga to the limits of Montréal, to erect gates at certain crossings; and to provide gatekeepers at others. The Montréal city engineer has reported in favor of the company's proposal to close Robillard St., from Marlborough to Moreau streets, for the purpose of laying additional tracks, but against the closing of Stadacona St., from Moreau St., for 600 ft. westwards.

The company is remodelling the building Montréal, at 226, 228 and 230 St. James St., corner of Dolland Lane, which it purchased recently. When the alterations are completed the rail and steamship ticket, express and other offices will be located on the ground floor, while the upper floors will be utilized for offices.

Railways: C.N.Q.Ry., C.No.Ry., G.N.Ry. of Can.