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April 1910, No. 249 The Railway and Marine World (Toronto) Page 311, col. 1

Electric railways.

Projects, construction and betterments.


Grand Valley Ry.—The lines owned by this company include the Brantford Street Ry. in Brantford, Ont., the G.V. Ry. from Brantford via Paris to Galt, and the Woodstock, Thames Valley and Ingersoll Ry., connecting Woodstock and Ingersoll. The interests controlling this company also control the London and Lake Erie Ry. and Transportation Co., which is the title under which the South Western Traction Co. is being reorganized by the purchasers at the recent sale. The plans of the company include the connection of all these lines and the construction of other lines which the charters of the several companies authorize. The principal officers of the G.V.R. are: President, M. A. Verner, Brantford; General Manager, W. P. Kellett.

The plans for immediate construction for the G.V.R. include 13 miles of lines in Brantford, and a new line from Brantford to Port Dover, 33. 6 miles long, and passing through Mount Pleasant, Waterford and Simcoe. The maximum gradient will be 1%, and the line will be operated on the A.C.D.C. system. Freight and passenger business will be operated over it, and there will be physical connections for the interchange of traffic with the G.T.R., the Michigan Central Rd., and the Toronto, Hamilton and Buffalo Ry. The point at which connection may be made with the steam railways are at Brantford with the G.T.R., and the T.H. & B., at Waterford with the M.C.R., and the T.H. & B., at Simcoe with the G.T.R. (over which the Wabash Rd. has running rights), and at Port Dover with the G.T.R. The construction of the lines in Brantford will be carried out by the company itself, and a contract has been let to Joseph Gianinni, of Pittsburgh, Pa., for the construction of the line to Port Dover. (Mar., pg. 231.)

Railways: G.T.Ry., G.V.Ry., L. & L.E.Ry., M.C.Rd., T.H. & B.Ry., W.T.V. & I.E.Ry., Wab.Rd.