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June 1898, No. 4 The Railway and Shipping World (Toronto) Page 99, col. 3

Construction & betterment notes.


Ottawa Central Station.—The C.P.R. & New York & Ottawa Ry. have secured permission to use the Dominion Government land leased to the Canada Atlantic & Ottawa, Arnprior & Parry Sound Rys., & also the Central Station at the canal basin. The application of the C.P.R. & N.Y. & O.R. was based on a claim to use the land as joint tenants with the C.A.R. & O.A. & P.S.R. These claims were argued at length, & the committee was asked to recognize the principles of their application & then the railways would get to work & settle the details of the agreement among themselves. The committee was also asked for an interim order allowing the two new railways the right to take possession, without prejudice to either party, pending the final settlement of the terms. On the other side it was claimed that Mr. Booth's roads should be treated as the primary tenants, who take all the risks of the lease, & that it was impossible to fix the terms, as it is not yet known what will be the character of the business done. The Minister of Railways announced that the claim of joint tenancy could net be entertained. Mr. Osler added that he hoped it would not hurt the dignity of the other roads to come in as Mr. Booth's tenants, to which Mr. Clark replied that it was dividends they wanted, net dignity. After considerable cross firing & persuasion on the part of Mr. Blair, Mr. Osler, on behalf of his client, stated that the C.A.R. would handle the trains of the 2 new roads. Mr. Blair urged him to name a rental pending a permanent agreement. This Mr. Osler did not appear inclined to do, but at length $1,500 a month from each of the 2 roads was agreed upon. This arrangement is merely temporary, & if a less sum is agreed upon the difference will be refunded. The matter will come up again before the Railway Committee on September 6, when the Committee will fix the permanent rental, if the 3 lines interested do not come to an agreement in the meantime.

Railways: C.A.Ry., C.P.Ry., N.Y. & O.Ry., O.A. & P.S.Ry.

Stations: Ottawa