Station: Atherley, a.k.a. Atherley JunctionGTR-1902, pp. 36-37
Subdivision: Midland Newmarket
Mileage: 40.43 88.51
Symbols: YZ YZ
Train Order: P P
Office Signals: NF NF
Sidings: .. 31 (M88.53 to M88.78)
Other Tracks: .. ..
Yard Limits: 4,000 feet east 4,465 feet south
.. 2,909 feet north
Location: (Ontario County, Mara Township)


Trains may leave Atherley without terminal clearance provided train order signal, if any, indicates proceed.

Normal position of junction switch is for Newmarket Subdivision.


All Southbound trains must approach Atherley prepared to stop and must not draw foul of south end of passing track unless main track is painly seen to be clear.

Date Event
1872-09-15 N.E.Ry. opens from Orillia to AtherleyHopper-1962, p. 641
1873-07-22 M.Ry.C. opens to OrilliaCooper, pp. 14 & 153.
1890c G.T.Ry. constructs freight shed: 14'×20'GTR.ND.1907, p. 158.
1897c G.T.Ry. adds two 10'×11' "wings" to east and west ends of M.Ry.C. stationSpeculation based on GTR.ND.1907, p. 158.
1903c G.T.Ry. adds 16'×11' "pavilion" to west (Orillia) end of stationGTR.ND.1907, p. 158.
1920-06-30 B.R.C. approves addition [of agent's office] to Atherley stationB.R.C. 29821.
1920c G.T.Ry. adds 16'×10'9" "Agent's Office" to north (Newmarket Subdivision track) side of stationNAC/NMC 96467.
1931-05-26 C.N.Rys. station at Atherley destroyed by fireThe Globe (Toronto) 1931-05-27 pg. 5, col. 1; The Northern Advance (Barrie) 1931-05-28 pg. 1, col. 4.
Date Image Notes
1903c Image Not Available
M.Ry.C. station after G.T.Ry. ca. 1903 addition of pavilion looking west towards Orillia along former MRC track—connection to former N.Ry.C. track passes behind station to right. Freight shed appears on left. The C.P.Ry.'s G.B. & S.Ry. bridge across the Narrows may appear in the background, which dates the photograph to after ca. 1910 but before ca. 1920 when the GTR added the Agent's Office to the north façade. The station's paint scheme is a faux wainscot that GTR appears to have adopted in an attempt to create a uniform corporate image among its stations.
1903c Image Not Available
Dave Spaulding collection
View of Atherley station in the G.T.Ry. era looking from junction between Lindsay—Midland and Allandale—North Bay lines.
Date Reference Railway Subject Description
1920-05-13 NAC/NMC 96467 G.T.Ry. Proposed addition to station. Plan. Elevations. 1"=100' location plan.
1920c J.P. Smith G.T.Ry. Station.