C.N.Rys. Concord

Station: Concord, a.k.a. Thornhill
Subdivision: Newmarket
Mileage: 14.32
Symbols: WFrom a water tank located at M14.46CNR Property Plan, which was filled from the TBD riverGTR.ND.1907, p. 12.
Train Order: D
Office Signals: HIThe "HI" office signal derives from the original name of the station, Thornhill.
Sidings: 39 (M14.27 to M14.71) Sidings history:
Date Sidings
1926-09-26 47
1927-01-02/1927-06-26 46
1927-09-25/1928-09-30 21
1929-01-06/1939-07-02 44
1939-09-24/1943-06-27 42
1943-07-18/1958-12-07 39
1959-04-26/1960-10-30 35
*Capacity of sidings/passing tracks does not appear in GTRS time tables before 1915-06-27.
Other Tracks: 11 Other Tracks history:
Date Other Tracks
1926-09-26* 23
1927-01-02/1928-09-30 24
1929-01-06/1929-07-28 22
1929-09-29 24
1929-11-17/1931-04-26 22
1931-06-28/1939-07-02 23
1939-09-24/1960-01-30 11
*Capacity of other tracks does not appear in CNR time tables before at least 1926-06-27.
  • Team Track: NS.11 (M14.30 to M14.47 off Siding), freight shed
Location: (York County, Vaughan Township)
Date Event
1852 Station designed by Frederic W. CumberlandThis statement is based on similar stations being built at Concord, King, Newmarket and Holland LandingBrown-2002, p. 114. Frederic W. Cumberland is identified as the architect of this station type by a plaque on the King station..
1852-10 Rail laying reaches the village of ConcordWillmot-1984, p. 3.
1853-01-11/1853-01-20 OS&HURR tenders construction of depotThe Globe (Toronto), 1853-01-11, p. 3.
1853 OS&HURR constructs station: 25'×41'×13', sill foundation, wood frame, shingle roofGTR.ND.1907, p. 152.
1853-06-24 Barns, a worker on the OS&HURR is, struck and killed by a train near Thornhill stationThe Globe (Toronto), June 25, 1853, p. 2
1853-11-08 Intent to incorporate company to construct Thornhill Railroad from OS&HURR at Concord to the Village of ThornhillThe Globe (Toronto), Monday, January 9, 1854, p. 3.
1860-09-10 NRC operates special train for His Royal Majesty, Albert, Prince of WalesWalker-1953, p. 8.
1908-06-21 Appears as ThornhillGTRS.ND.23.
1909-06-27 Appears as ConcordGTRS.ND.26.
1964-04-26 Appears in PTTCNR.A.195, Table 55.
1964-10-25 Absent from PTTCNR.A.196, Table 60.
1978c CNR demolishes stationThompson-2003, p. 8.
Date Image Notes
1957-11-23 Image Not Available
Robert Sandusky photo
South and west (track) elevations of station.
1964-04 Image Not Available
John D. Thompson photo
North and west (track) elevations of station showing addition.
n.d. Image Not Available
Elizabeth A. Willmot photo
South and west (track) elevations of station.
Date Reference Railway Subject Description
1890c NAC / Col. RG30M Acc. 90137 Item 172 G.T.Ry. Track plan. 1"=50'