Harriston Jct.

See Owen Sound M6.03 for information on the C.P.R. Crossing.

Station: Harriston Jct., a.k.a. Junction Switch
Subdivision: Owen Sound Southampton
Mileage: 6.04 0.00
Symbols: Z Z
Train Order: P P
Office Signals: .. ..
Sidings: .. ..
Other Tracks: .. ..
Location: Download KML file for Google Earth Show in Google Maps Harriston
(Wellington County, Minto Township)

Owen Sound

Trains may leave without terminal clearance.

Southampton Subdivision

Trains may leave without terminal clearance.

Before proceeding to Owen Sound Subdivision Conductors must secure permission from Dispatcher, who will record such permission in train order book as transmitted to and acknowledged by Conductor, except when communication with the train dispatcher is interrupted regular trains will proceed on timetable authority.

Date Image Notes
Krause photo/Carelton collection
Jim Shaughnessy photo
Date Reference Railway Subject Description
1955-11 Property Plan No. 898 C.N.Rys.
1955-11 Wilson-2001, p. 62 C.N.Rys. Junction and crossing. Plan.