Station: Oro, a.k.a. Oro Station
Subdivision: Newmarket
Mileage: 74.23
Symbols: ..
Train Order: P
Office Signals: ..
Sidings: 63 (M74.22 to M74.85)
Other Tracks: 9
  • NS.9 (M74.25 to M74.40 off Siding)
Location: (Simcoe County, Medonte Township)
Date Event
1878 Does not appear in N.Ry. of C. timetableNRC-1878, pp. 4-5
1964-04-26 Oro station appears in C.N.Rys. public time tableCNR.A.195, Table 55.
1964-07-10 C.N.Rys. notifies B.T.C. of its intent to "retire..without replacement" Oro stationN.A.C. RG47 Vol. 1401, File 4205.2662.
1964-07-22 B.T.C. asks Township of Oro if it objects to the removal of Oro Station; there is no copy of a response on fileN.A.C. RG47 Vol. 1401, File 4205.2662.
1964-09-04 B.T.C. authorizes C.N.Rys. to "remove" Oro stationN.A.C. RG47 Vol. 1401, File 4205.2662.
1964-10-25 Oro station absent from C.N.Rys. public time tableCNR.A.196, Table 60.
1966 C.N.Rys. demolishes Oro stationMcEwen-1987, p. 299.
Date Image Notes
Section gang.
John Rehor photo, Paterson-George Collection
South (track) and east elevations of station. Train crossing Oro-Modonte Line 7.
Date Reference Railway Subject Description
n.d. McEwen-1987, p. 310 n.a. Sketch of Oro Station formerly Reevie's Corners Shows railway station located on east side of Oro-Medonte Line 7 and north of track.
1879-11-01 NAC / Col. RG30M Acc. 90137 Item 245 N&NWR Track plan. 1"=50'
1947-03 Wilson-2007, p. 139 C.N.Rys. Track plan.