February 1944, No. 15 Upper Canada Railway Society Bulletin (Toronto) Page 2

News of members

William C. Bailey went on active duty with the Royal Canadian Navy as a stoker in late January. He is the 22nd member to enter the armed forces.

George Horner is working for two months in Northern Ontario at his job of C.N. relief operator.

Two associate members, Orin Maus of Brantford and John Rattray of London attended the excursion of Jan. 23rd.

Allen Mailtand is reported bound for overseas.

News of past excursions

January 2nd, 1944—Excursion no. 6 was attended by a total of a total of seven—six members and one guest. The party met at the North Yonge Railways' Toronto Terminal at 9.00 A.M. and travelled by this line to Richmond Hill and return. Extra features of the excursion were a short hike overland to see old T.T.C. Trailer 2719, used a house, and also a fruitless search for another car which seems to have been moved from its imagined location. The group returned to Toronto by 1.00 P.M.

January 23rd, 1944—Seven members participated in the Society's seventh excursion, one which was somewhat similar to that of June 13, 1943. The excursionists rode Canadian National train #101-102 to St. Catharines, then spent the day inspecting the N.St.C.&T. local lines in St. Catharines in St. Catharines were ridden and also the local lines in Niagara Falls, in addition to the Falls and Port Dalhousie Subdivisions. The barns and shops at St. Catharines were also visited; of note here were cars 41, 80 and 135 being repaired after wrecks; the new 327 of the N.St.C.&T. being shopped (an ex-Oshawa Railway car), and the decrepit ex-Oshawa no. 80 awaiting re-building, in which it will likely become N.St.C.&T. 328.

The members returned to Toronto on C.N. #107-108.

Railways: C.N.Rys., N.St.C. & T.Ry.