Station: Hawkestone, a.k.a. Hodge's LandingCommunity was referred to as Hodge's Landing but before the railway.
Subdivision: Newmarket
Mileage: 77.91
Symbols: ...A water station through 1931-09-27CNR.CR.NOD.37, p. 3.
Train Order: DNTrain Order history:
Date Train Order
1914-09-20/1925-09-27 D
1929-09-29/1935-09-29 T
1937-04-25/1938-01-09 ...
1940-09-29/1950-09-24 P
1951-04-29/1951-06-24 T
1951-08-26/1951-09-30 N
1952-09-28/1954-04-25 D
1954-06-27/1955-04-24 DN
1955-06-26/1967-10-29 P
Office Signals: HK
Sidings: 39 (M77.86 to M78.30)Sidings history:
Date Sidings
1925-09-27 32
1929-09-29 26
1935-09-29/1938-01-09 32
1940-09-29/1942-09-27 32
1943-09-05/1946-09-01 27
1947-04-27/1958-04-27 39
1959-10-25/1966-04-24 36
1967-10-29 ...
Other Tracks: ...Other Tracks history:
Date Other Tracks
1929-09-29 14
1935-09-29/1946-09-01 9
1947-04-27/1965-04-25 ...
1967-10-29 N.36
Location: Download KML file for Google Earth Show in Google Maps Mill St
(Simcoe County, Medonte Township)

Derail is located 249 feet South of North switch.

No. 46 stop on flag at Hawkestone Mondays only.

Refer to Newmarket M077.88 for information on the water tank.

Date Event
1871-11-27 N.Ry. of C. begins regular service to OrilliaThe Globe (Toronto), November 25, 1871, p. 3.
1871 N.E.Ry. builds stationMcEwen states that the station was moved to the south side of the tracks when the siding was constructedMcEwen-1987, pp. 265-266. It appears that the first station became the freight shed after the new station was constructed..
1873 N.E.Ry. builds 12'×30'×11' wood frame, shingle roof oil house and closet at M77.8, to which a subsequent 7'×17'×7' addition was constructedGTR.ND.1907, p. 158.
1873 N.E.Ry. builds 12'×14'×8' wood frame, shingle roof section tool house at M78.4GTR.ND.1907, p. 158.
1892 G.T.Ry. builds 25'×30'-6×11'-5" wooden frame, shingle roof agent's dwelling on sill foundation at M77.8, to which subsequent 14'×31'×8' and 12'×14'×8' (closet) additions are madeGTR.ND.1907, p. 158.
1900 G.T.Ry. remodels 31'×40'×15' wood frame, shingle roof station on sill foundation, probably adding operator's bay windowGTR.ND.1907, p. 158.
1905 G.T.Ry. constructs two (2) 24'×37', double chute stockyardsGTR.ND.1907, p. 158.
1917-03-12 G.T.Ry. train derails in front of Hawkestone stationThe Barrie Examiner and Saturday Morning, 1917-03-15, pg. 12, 3.
1934-06-21 C.N.Rys. applies to remove agentB.R.C. File No. 4205.1044; an order granting the original application was drafted 1934-07-24 but never issued.
1934-12-20 The Northern Advance reports that station agent McCuish is moving from Hawkestone to Cookstown; Needham has been relieving agent for past weekThe Northern Advance (Barrie), Hawkestone, December 20, 1934, Vol. 87, No. 42, pg. 4, col. 4.
1936-02-02 C.N.Rys. renews application to remove agentB.R.C. File No. 4205.1044.
1936-03-19 C.N.Rys. authorized to remove agent subject to appointment of caretaker to see that the station building is kept clean and, when necessary, heated and lighted for the accommodation of passengers on the arrival and depature of trains, and to take care of L.C.L. freight and express shipmentsB.R.C. 52910.
1936-04c C.N.Rys. removes agent at Hawkestone; Ernie Berry appointed caretakerThe Northern Advance, Allandale, Apr. 9, 1936, pg. 5, col. 3; The Northern Advance, Hawkestone, Apr. 23, 1936, pg. 4, col. 4.
1964-04-26 Appears in PTTCNR.A.195, Table 55.
1964-06-16 C.N.Rys. authorized to remove the caretaker and station buildingB.T.C order114730.

Canadian National Railways

Canadian National Railways is offering for sale:

station building at Hawkestone Ontario

If you are interested in the purchase of the above, kindly forward your offer addressed to the undersigned in a sealed envelope, marked distinctly on the outside:

Offer for Hawkestone Station

All offers must be accompanied by a certified cheque or money order drawn in favour of the Canadian National Railways, for at least twenty-five percent (25%) of the offer. Do not send cash and do not make deposits payable to the undersigned.

The successful bidder will, upon acceptance of the offer be required to then submit the full amount of the offer plus 3% to cover Ontario Sales Tax and the twenty-five percent deposit will be returned as soon as the structure has been removed from Railway property. The basement or cellar excavation, if any, is to be fille din and the premises left in a clean and tidy condition, satisfactory to the Railway Company, which must be within thirty (30) days from acceptance of the offer, unless otherwise arranged.

offers must not be withdrawn before sixty days after the closing date for receiving bids.

The highest or any offer will not necessarily be accepted.

Dated at Capreol, Ontario August 19, 1964.
Offer expires Sept. 19, 1964.

G. H. Bloomfield
Northern Ontario Area

1964-10-25 Hawkestone absent from C.N.Rys. system timetablesCNR.A.196, Table 60.
1967-10-29 Hawkestone appears in C.N.Rys. timetableCNR.GLR.NOA.46.
1968-04-28 Hawkestone absent from C.N.Rys. timetableCNR.GLR.NOA.47McEwen states that the siding was removed in 1969McEwen-1987, p. 266..
1969c C.N.Rys. demolishes stationThis is at odds with McEwenMcEwen-1987, pp. 265-266 but conversations with cottagers indicate that the station was still there as late as 1969William Logan.
1996-09-21 Last VIA train — No. 1, the Canadian — operates through HawkestoneWilliam Logan.
1996-10-15 C.N.Rys. lifts rails through HawkestoneWilliam Logan.
Date Image Notes
Oro-Medonte History Association
Looking east from (future) Oro Line 11 towards freight shedA ca. 1898 drawingNAC NMC 198809 shows a station house (approx. 40'×110') and cattle pen (approx. 24'×37') on the north side of the tracks but no freight shed is listed in the 1907 G.T.Ry. B&B inventoryGTR.ND.1907, p. 158 (two 24'×37' stockyards are listed). The shed platform appears as a restricted clearance in C.N.Rys. time tables until ca. 1930CNR.CR.NOD.33, p. 4 (the cattle pens until ca. 1933CNR.CR.NOD.44, p. 4).

A 40'×110' combination station seems large for a community like Hawkestone but perhaps it was required because no freight handling facilities were provided at Shanty Bay (Gowan) or Oro, a large volume of grain traffic was being handled or a combination of both. Assuming 10" or 12" board and batten spacing the freight shed in the photograph is 30' or 36' wide, respectively. By way of comparison, other freight sheds on the Newmarket Subdivision were:

  • Maple: 24'6"×81' (1853)
  • King: 25'×60'6" (1853)
  • Aurora: 30'4"×85' (1895, former combination station)
  • Newmarket: 40'4"×100'6" (1865)
  • Holland Landing: 24'4"×80'9" (1854)
  • Gilford: 30'4"×118' (1870)
  • Lefroy: 40'6"×142' (1868, also grain house)
  • Allandale: 38'×81' (1868)
  • Barrie: 29'6"×97' (1898), 29'6"×137' (1905)
  • Orillia: 40'6"×133'6" (1904)

An earlier drawing NAC NMC 198807 shows an approx. 38'×73' passenger and freight station.

, depot and water tower.
Oro-Medonte History Association
Station in G.T.Ry. era.
Northern Ontario Railroad Museum
East (time table north) elevation of G.T.Ry. station.
1946-06-27 Image Not Available
NAPL A10082-042
1:20,0000 scale aerial photograph of Hawkestone.
Herbert H. Harwood Jr. photo, Ian Wilson collection
Just fifteen days from its last run, N-2-b Consolidation 2476 leading the thrice-weekly northbound South Parry way freight approaches Hawkestone station; a Train Order Office until 1955.
Date Reference Railway Subject Description
n.d. NAC / NMC 198807 T.S. & M.Jct.Ry. Station grounds. 1"=100' plan showing two 1000' sidings on either side of the main track ending in 3-way (stub) switches. A 40'×75' combination station is shown 250' (time table) north and west of Oro Line 11
1898-10-10 NAC / NMC 198809 G.T.Ry. Track plan. 1"=50' plan showing one 1000' siding on the (time table) west side of the main track. A 40'×110' station house and 24'×37' cattle pen are located 250' north of Oro Line 11 and west of siding with 160' platform between siding and main track. The ca. 1892 Agent's Dwelling, ca. 1873 Section Tool House and ca. 1896 Pumphouse are also shown. The water tower is located east of the main track approximately 165' north of Oro Line 11.
1900c McEwen-1987, p. 270 n.a. Sketch of Village of Hawkestone Shows depot located (time table) north of Oro Line 11 and east of main track.
1941-12-31 J.P. Smith C.N.Rys. Operating Diagram The C.N.Rys. Operating Diagram shows south siding length as 749'. The location of the bridge, pump house, water tank, tool shed and roads have been taken from the ca. 1948 C.N.Rys. Property Plan.
1949-12-31 J.P. Smith C.N.Rys. Operating Diagram It is not known if the pump house was still present at this time.
1947-08 Wilson-2007, p. 140 C.N.Rys. Track plan.
1953-12-31 J.P. Smith C.N.Rys. Operating Diagram
1958c J.P. Smith C.N.Rys. Second depot. HO Scale