C.N.Rys. Dundas Subdivision

The Dundas Subdivision has as it's orgin four railways:

Double track.

Movements between Hamilton Junction, Bayview, Hamilton West and London governed by rules covering movements of trains or engines in the same direction by signal indication, Rules 251 to 258. That portion between Hamilton Jct. and Hamilton West is single track.

Signals used to give indications are train order signals as displayed at stations; interlocking signals at Hamilton Jct., Bayview, Hamilton West, Brantford and Paris Jct., and fixed signals between London East and London.

Automatic Block Signals between Hamilton West and London Jct. show indications when running with current of traffic.

Emergency telephones
Hamilton West Booth, adjacent to home signal.
Mileage 2.00 Box on pole, south side
Mileage 7.00 Post, adjacent to signal 72.
Mileage 10.19 Post, O.H.B. south side, opposite spring switch.
Lynden Booth, east of Junction switch.
Mileage 14.11 Tool house, Junction switch of Fergus Sub.
Mileage 18.54 Shanty, east of bridge.
Mileage 21.30 On pole.
Mileage 24.20 Opposite S.P.S. signal 242.
Mileage 29.15 Consolidated Sand & Gravel Company switch.
Mileage 31.80 Box, on pole.
Mileage 32.25 Box, at spring switch.
Mileage 42.35 Tool house.
Eastwood Box, south side, 150 feet west of shelter.
Mileage 49.01 On pole, south side, back of bell box at Norwich Ave.
Woodstock East spring switch.
Mileage 50.50 On pole south side.
Beachville Booth, Gypsum, Lime & Alabastine Company's track.
Booth, cross-over, 900 feet west of Gypsum, Lime & Alabastine Company's track.
Mileage 58.20 On post on south side at S.P.S. No. 584.
Ingersoll Booth, Stone's switch.
Mileage 59.75 Box, on post, west cross-over.
Mileage 61.52 Tool house.
Dorchester Waiting Room.
Mileage 71.35 On pole, south side.
Mileage 75.00 Opposite S.P.S. Signal 749.
Mileage 76.69 Switchtenders' shanty, junction switch.
Mileage 77.77 On pole. S.P.S. Signal 777.
Railway crossings at grade
0.00 Bayview—Crossing Oakville Subdivision; Interlocking.
Hamilton Jct.—Crossing Oakville Subdivision; Interlocking.
50.76 Crossing Canadian Pacific Railway; Interlocking. (B.T.C. 70951)
Yard limit signs
Hamilton 5,412 feet East of Bayview, Oakville Subdivision.
4,013 feet West of Hamilton West, Dundas Subdivision.
3,495 feet West of Diamond T.H.&B. Crossing, Hagersville Subdivision.
3,150 feet East of Beach Subdivision junction switch, Stoney creek (Grimsby Subdivision).
Copetown 3,150 feet East of Station.
4,765 feet West of Station.
Brantford 6,063 feet East of Station.
6,105 feet West of Station.
Paris Jct. 11,886 feet East of train order signal.
8,895 feet West of train order signal.
Woodstock 7,907 feet East of Station.
6,060 feet West of Station.
Ingersoll 5,408 feet East of Station.
6,100 feet West of Station.
London 8,942 feet East of London East Station, Dundas Subdivision.
6,100 feet East of London Jct., Thorndale Subdivision.
Mileage 29.04
Speed restrictions
Miles per hour
Passenger trains 80
Freight trains 60
Engine with caboose or light engines 40
Permanent slow orders
Mileage Miles per hour
0.46 to 0.00 Junction switches and curve 20
0.46 to 0.00 Wye Track Junction switches and curve 20
4.45 to 0.46 Eastward Descending grade Passenger 45
Freight 35
4.60 to 4.45 Eastward Track Highfill 35
9.60 to 4.60 Eastward Descending grade 45
Freight 35
22.25 to 23.45 Westward Track Curves 40
22.77 Westward Track Crossover 25
22.98 to 22.43 Eastward Track Curves and junction switch 25
23.75 to 23.45 Eastward Track Curve 50
30.76 to 30.12 Eastward Track Curves 40
30.90 Paris Jct. Eastward From Drumbo Sub. passing through crossover switches 25
30.90 Paris Jct. O.C.S. Pit Tracks 5
40.00 to 33.00 Eastward Track Passenger 60
Freight 40
50.76 C.P.R. Crossing (B.T.C. 67609) Passenger 50
76.44 London Egerton St. (B.T.C. 70072) 25
76.44 London Race Course Tracks Egerton St. (B.T.C. 55942) 10
76.84 London Back track south of roundhouse Rectory St. (B.T.C. 54026) 10
76.84 to 78.21 London All public crossings at grade Rectory St. to Ridout St. inclusive 35
77.23 London Back tracks south of main tracks Adelaide St. (B.T.C. 57588) Light engine 5
77.36 London Back track William St. (B.T.C. 50741) 10
77.39 London Eastward Maitland St. crossover 20
London Passing through switches to and from station 10
For main track movement against the current of traffic the following speed restrictions apply at public crossing at grade until the engine or leading car has passed over it:
13.93 Main St. Eastward Track 50
Westward Track 60
37.77 Middle Town Line Westward Track 60
49.04 Oxford St. 60
49.26 Wilson St. Eastward 35
54.41 County Rd. 60
68.52 Railway St. 60
75.35 Hale St. Westward Track 60

For further speed restrictions, see page 28.

Car Capacity Points Face Mileage
Highway Track 41 E 29.31
Consolidated Sand & Gravel Co. 48 EW 29.33
Consolidated Sand & Gravel Co., West Pit 148 W 31.77
Eastwood 10 W 45.05
Wood Mosaic 26 W 50.49
Gypsum Lime & Alabastine Co. 165 E 55.46
American Cyanamind Co. 132 E 56.24
Chemical Lime Ltd. 47 E 56.67
Wm. Stone & Sons 24 E 58.04
Engine and car restrictions
Heaviest auxiliary crane permitted 240 tons.
Train order offices
Station Hours of Service Days of Service
Hamilton Continuous Continuous
Dundas Continuous Continuous
Copetown Continuous Continuous
Brantford Continuous Continuous
Paris Jct. Continuous Continuous
Princeton 8.00 a.m. to 5.40 p.m. Mon. to Fri. incl.
Woodstock Continuous Continuous
Beachville 7.35 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. Mon. to Sat. incl.
Ingersoll Continuous Continuous
Dorchester 7.15 a.m. to 5.15 p.m. Mon. to Fri. incl.
London East Continuous Continuous
London Continuous Continuous
Date Event
1853-12-13 G.W.Ry. operates non-revenue train from Hamilton to LondonThe Globe (Toronto), Monday, December 19, 1853, p. 2, c. x.
1853-12-15 G.W.Ry. formally opens from Hamilton to LondonThe Globe (Toronto), Monday, December 19, 1853, p. 2, c. x.
1853-12-17 G.W.Ry. operates first through train from Niagara Falls via Hamilton to LondonStevens-1960, p. 106.
1853-12-21 G.W.Ry. opens Hamilton to LondonChurcher.
1854-03-06 B.B. & G.Ry. establishes regular service between Brantford and Paris Stevens-1960, p. 471.
1854-11-01 B.B. & G.Ry. opens between Fort Erie and ParisTrout-1970, p. 35.
1856-05-16 B.B. & G.Ry. becomes the B&LHRStevens-1960, p. 473.
1858-06-28 G.T.Ry. leases B&LHRStevens-1960, p. 475.
1871c H. & B.Ry. proposes to construct a line from the G.W.Ry. east of Harrisburg to Brantford by way of AlfordTrout-1970, p. 166.
1871-11-23 G.W.Ry. formally opens branch from Harrisburg to BrantfordThe Globe (Toronto), November 24, 1871.
1882-08-12 G.W.Ry. and G.T.Ry. amalgamateBowers-1983, pp. 19 & 162, Cooper-2001, p. 394.

The Engineering Dept. is surveying a line that was located several years ago, from Lynden, Ont., 15.61 miles west of Hamilton, & 3.24 miles east of Harrisburg, to Green's Bridge, near Brantford, the idea being to build a cut-off so as to run the main line passenger trains between Hamilton & London via Brantford. We are informed that nothing definite has as yet been determined in regard to the matter.

Grand Trunk betterments, etc., The Railway and Marine World, No. 25 (1900-03), p. 71

Brantford & main line trains.—General Manager Hays recently wrote the board of Trade that the Co. would before long submit a proposaI for running main line trains through Brantford. Several of the operating officials recently went over the route of the proposed cut off between Lynden & the Buffalo & Goderich line. The construction of a station in Brantford close to Market St., & the removal of the freight sheds to a new site south of the present station, is also said to be contemplated. (Mar., pg. 71).

Grand Trunk betterments, etc., The Railway and Marine World, No. 30 (1900-08), p. 234

Main Line Deviation to Brantford..—The by-law voting $57,000 to secure the deviation of the main line through Brantford, Ont., was passed by the ratepayers April 17. The location of the deviation has been approved by the Railway Conimittee of the Privy Council. About 7 miles of line will have to be constructed under the agreement. The by-law requires the approval of the Ontario Legislature before it is binding. (Mar., pg. 103.)

Grand Trunk betterments, etc., The Railway and Marine World, No. 52 (1902-06), p. 205

Mainline deviation to Brantford.—It connection with this deviation a deputation from St. George waited on the Government at Ottawa, and F. W. Morse, Third Vice-President, gave a written undertaking that St. George would be given the same service as at present, with the addition of an express train east and west, connecting with the through expresses on the main line at Paris, Lynden or Brantford, at the option of the Co.

A contract has been let to J. A. Dant for the earthwork for this deviation from a point on the Harrisburg branch, running into Brantford, to Lynden, on the main line from Niagara to Sarnia. The distance is about four miles. (June, pg. 205.)

Grand Trunk betterments, etc., The Railway and Marine World, No. 54 (1902-08), p. 272

Brantford deviation.—The deviation, which will take the Niagara to Windsor main line through Brantford, leaves the present main line at milepost 59.50 from Niagara Falls, near Lynden station, and connects with the present branch from Harrisburg, about 3 1/4 miles fromn that place, involving 4 1/2 miles of new construction. The new line will bave a maximum gradient of 14 ft. to the mile, and the greatest curvature will be 1°20' at Lynden station. There will be no bridges on the route, but there will be some iron pipe culverts with masonry ends. A portion of the branch line to Tillsonburg, and the section of the Buffalo-Goderich line to Paris will be used in connection with the new construction. On these lines new superstructures will be provided for all the bridges. A proposal to lift the track 6 1/2 ft. at Grand River bridge, south of Paris, and to reduce the approach grades is under consideration. The contractors for the new construction between Lynden and the Harrisburg branch are: earthwork, J. A. Dart, Tilisonburg, Ont.; bridges and masonry, Hon. Wm. Gibson, Beamsville, Ont. We were advised Oct. 16 that about two-thirds of the earthwork had been completed, and that with good weather and a sufficiency of labor it was expected to have this work completed by the first week in Dec. (Oct., pg. 341.)

G.T.Ry. betterments, etc., The Railway and Marine World, No. 58 (1902-12), pp. 405, 407

Brantford deviation.—The right of way for the deviation from Lynden to the Harrisburgh branch, has been fenced in, and some grading had been done when the condition of weather brougbt about a suspension of operations. The grading is expected to be completed within a month or six weeks after work is resumed in the spring. (Dec., 1902, pg. 405.)

G.T.R. betterments, etc., The Railway and Marine World, No. 61 (1903-03), p. 89

Brantford deviation.—Grading has been resumed on the deviation of the main line from Lynden to Brantford, and it is expected that it will be ready for operation this year. The portions of the old line between Harrisburg and Paris, via Brantord, which will be used as the new main line, have been relaid with 80-lb. rails. (Mar., pg. 89.)

G.T.R. betterments, etc., The Railway and Marine World, No. 63 (1903-05), p. 177
1903-08-10 G.T.Rys. begins train service over the "Brantford Deviation" between Lynden and Alford; however through trains continue to use the original mainline until temporary bridges are replaced with steel structuresG.T.Ry. betterments, etc., The Railway and Marine World, No. 67 (1903-09), p. 310

Brantford deviation.—A train service over the Brantford deviation, via Lynden, Ont., was inaugurated Aug. 10. The line, however, is not being used for through traffic to Chicago, as the bridges are only temporary structures. These will be replaced by permanent steel structures as soon as the material can be delivered. (July, pg. 243.)

G.T.Ry. betterments, etc., The Railway and Marine World, No. 67 (1903-09), p. 310
1905-09-30 G.T.Ry. officially opens new "cut-off" between Lynden and Alford and opens mainline via BrantfordThe Globe (Toronto), Monday, October 2, 1905, pp. 1 & 3.
1923-01-31 G.T.Ry. becomes part of C.N.Ry.Bowers-1983, p. 162, Cooper-2001, p. 394.
1927-08-01 C.N.Rys. places into serivce automatic block signalling (ABS) between Hamilton and Brantford and Paris Junction and WoodstockRailway Signaling, Vol. 20, No. 10 (October 1927), pp. 376-380.
1928-03-03 Railway Age announces that Union Switch & Signal will supply materials for installation of Automatic Block Signalling using colour light signals between London and IngersollRailway Age, 84(9) 1928-03-03, p. 550.